Wednesday, October 4, 2023

electric vehicles

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Sidebar: Can A Wireless Charging Roadway Work?

This piece looks at the question of whether an EV-charging roadway could actually work.

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Ford F-150 Lightning Review: The F-150, But Electric. That’s About It.

The F-150 Electric is a heavier, faster version of the F-150 Acoustic. Will this sell with the F-150 loyalists because of this? Or, will it alienate car buyers who are looking for something different in an EV?

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What IS An Ozone Action Day, Anyway?! I Thought We Fixed The Ozone!

Summer has arrived early in Michigan (woo hoo, climate change!) and we’ve already braved not one, but two– count ’em- ozone action days. A little bit more about what these are and why we should pay attention.

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Move Over, Trucks: It’s Time For Smaller Delivery Solutions

Delivery drones, we are told, will change everything. There are some hurdles, but according to recent research, drones might just be the best bet for most– but not all- local delivery.

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Book Review: Women Driven Mobility by Katelyn Davis and Kristin Shaw

Nat looks at a new book by Katelyn Davis and Kristin Shaw about women in the mobility and transportation space, and asks whether a politics of benevolent incrementalism is going to help us solve the climate crisis.

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Summer Breeze: Heat Pumps, Mini-Splits, and the Magic of Thermodynamics

Mini-splits are the coolest new thing. Literally. Here is a guide to how to figure out how to navigate the sea of product options based on a simple calculation.

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New EGLE Workgroup Wants To Decarbonize Transportation… With Cars

A new statewide workgroup convened by the Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes, and Environment, or EGLE, kicked off yesterday

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BUILD GREEN Act Charges Forward With Electric Transit. Is It The Right Move?

Public utilities are apprehensive about vehicle electrification because it’ll require a huge amount of investment in grid infrastructure. A new legislative proposal to electrify transit systems might make this a bit easier by delivering a big economy of scale.

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Mispricing the Chevrolet Bolt, And Other Strange Corporate Decisions

The Chevrolet Bolt originally sold poorly. It’s now selling well, but at an average of a 30% discount off its full MSRP. Maybe that suggests it wasn’t priced right to begin with.

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EV Charging Infrastructure: From Demand To Reality

One of our readers asked us to write a piece about how electric vehicle chargers even get installed at scale.

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