Saturday, July 13, 2024


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Musings from Up North: Are Planners Pragmatic Dreamers? Or Just Jaded Bureaucrats?

Michigan has a ton of professional talent. It’s also got a lot of planners who are stuck in the passenger seat in a vehicle driving 85mph in the left lane, headed toward Sprawl City. Can we fix the worst politics of the profession and still keep our jobs? Or, is it simply incumbent upon us to figure out better, more sustainable solutions wherever we can?

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Artificial Intelligence

Prose Rife With Burstiness & Perplexity: AI & Its Jargon

Artificial intelligence models can generate outputs we can understand from conversational input. But how does an AI narc on itself? We look at a couple of the rationales for why one author says that an AI detector “thought” that the US Constitution and the Book of Genesis were almost certainly written by AI– and unpack some more details about the mysterious innerds of the model.

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