Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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Midjourney Parameters: Style & Chaos In Speculative Urbanism

Imagining cities and their infrastructure using artificial intelligence, and playing around with some of the weirder parameters in Midjourney to see what we can squeeze out of the generative AI platform.

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Ford F-150 Lightning Review: The F-150, But Electric. That’s About It.

The F-150 Electric is a heavier, faster version of the F-150 Acoustic. Will this sell with the F-150 loyalists because of this? Or, will it alienate car buyers who are looking for something different in an EV?

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World War X: Elon Musk, Twitter, and the Peculiar 24th Letter

Is it that big a deal to rename a multi-billion dollar brand? Most experts say yes. Why’s he doing it, then? It probably goes beyond a brief history of the use of the letter ‘x’ in brand development. But why not learn about this weird letter?

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Yes, We Still Have To Talk About Elon Musk’s Media Relations Response.

Twitter’s media relations team has been dissolved and replaced by a bot that sends out a poop emoji to inquiring journalists.

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Artificial Intelligence

Prose Rife With Burstiness & Perplexity: AI & Its Jargon

Artificial intelligence models can generate outputs we can understand from conversational input. But how does an AI narc on itself? We look at a couple of the rationales for why one author says that an AI detector “thought” that the US Constitution and the Book of Genesis were almost certainly written by AI– and unpack some more details about the mysterious innerds of the model.

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Two Things Making The Internet Unusable In 2023

The tech sector is trying to both expand the use of artificial intelligence while clinging on to the dying days of an epic business cycle. Both are contributing to making the internet, IoT, and any consumer product even remotely connected to the internet, increasingly unusable, increasingly resource-intensive, and increasingly frustrating.

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Unpacking AI Training Biases in Midjourney

Artificial intelligence can produce imagery of whatever you ask it for. The question is: How accurate is the AI’s interpretation? In some cases, it sounds like it’s based more on the prejudices and stereotypes held by the people who design and train the model. That’s a big problem.

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OpenAI Lawsuit: A Dubious Argument On A Monumentally Complex Question

News came out this week about a lawsuit against OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. The company is being sued by

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