Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Energy Burden: The Elephant in the Electrification Room

Dr. Destenie Nock and Shuchen Cong presented from Carnegie Mellon University on a new approach they are taking to assess energy burden in communities around the United States. It is important analysis that will help inform how public service commissions develop better energy efficiency policy for utilities, and how utilities assess the needs of their most vulnerable customers.

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Radiators Vs. Forced Air: Who Will Triumph In Efficiency?

A recent Twitter debate prompted me to think about whether we can’t come up with a better metric to compare the efficiencies of heating systems using radically different methods of thermal transfer. As you can probably guess, there is a better way– but it’s not easy to figure out.

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Energy Burden: How To Measure? How To Reduce?

Measuring energy burden is relatively straightforward. Figuring out how to create robust metrics for it, though– and how to address it- is much more challenging.

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MDHHS and LIHEAP: We’ll Pay For Fossil Fuels. Weatherization, Not So Much.

At an MPSC workgroup meeting this morning on Energy Waste Reduction specifically for the low to moderate income (LMI) market

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Time-Of-Use Pricing Is Coming. Here’s How To Make Sure You’re Ready.

Time-of-use pricing is (most likely) coming to a utility near you, if it hasn’t arrived already. Here’s what you need to know.

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Summer Breeze: Heat Pumps, Mini-Splits, and the Magic of Thermodynamics

Mini-splits are the coolest new thing. Literally. Here is a guide to how to figure out how to navigate the sea of product options based on a simple calculation.

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“Electrification Is Not Enough For Decarbonization” – Consumers Energy

A new workgroup seeks to address some questions about the future of infrastructure in a state that continues to lag in regulatory and technical innovation.

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Port Angeles CRTC: Giving New Flight to Aircraft Scrap

In Port Angeles, Washington, Vishva Nalamalapu hangs out at the Composite Recycling Technology Center, or CRTC, with Michigan transplant Nicole Wright, to learn about all of the cool stuff they are manufacturing from aerospace industry scrap.

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In Search Of Cheap, Scalable Solutions For Grid Resiliency

The extreme weather event affecting about two thirds of the United States right now suggests the need for small-scale interventions that can be scaled over an entire market.

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Let The Sun Shine In, Alberta: Beyond Oil in a Biden Administration

The election of Joe Biden, whose opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline has riled Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, provides us with some opportunities to think about the future of the province’s economy, which has long been dependent upon oil extraction.

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