Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Greenways, The Ultimate High-Density Corridor Development Tool?

Nat compares the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis to the Joe Louis Greenway in Detroit, which broke ground this past week.

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Tech Launched A Big Push To Fix Cities. What Happened?

Sidewalk Labs (Google), AirBnB, and Y Combinator all launched ambitious initiatives to build the technologically advanced, equitable, sustainable cities of tomorrow. What happened?

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MPSC December Meeting: Neighborhood-Level Equity and Energy

Dr. Tony G. Reames of the University of Michigan, Briana Parker of Elevate Energy, and others presented at an MPSC meeting on some approaches to the question of equity in energy efficiency for low-income communities and communities of color.

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Awake, East Warren! Dreaming Mixed-Use in Detroit’s Farthest-Flung Corridor

A new, mid-density development project on Detroit’s far east side is materializing, heralding a new dawn for a corridor that has struggled with autocentric, low density and disinvestment for decades.

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Rehabbed or Pre-Habbed? Two Approaches To Distressed Real Estate

Handbuilt’s approach to real estate development involves taking guesswork out of the equation at the beginning of a project by creating a set of construction schedules, scopes, scans, and images using a Matterport camera.

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YouLam No. 3 – Combat Midwinter Malaise With Good Journalism!

After a long stretch of tepid gloom, winter has hit like the gabbagool. It’s the latest YouLam. Here’s the news:

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Alleys: The Back Road To Sustainable Development

Alleys, an oft-forgotten component of the urban fabric, have transformative potential for infrastructure and real estate.

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