Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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To Sprawl, Or Not To Sprawl: LaSalle, Ontario Mulls Development Plan

If we can get past the fanciful belief that all growth is good growth, we can critically examine the likes of really bad municipal planning in our southern neighbor of Canada.

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Can Second-Floor Apartments Make A Comeback? A New SDBA Grant Program Thinks So.

An ambitious new program in Detroit seeks to provide $10,000 to property owners to renovate and rent out second-floor and third-floor apartments in mixed-use buildings along several major corridors in Southwest Detroit.

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Radiators Vs. Forced Air: Who Will Triumph In Efficiency?

A recent Twitter debate prompted me to think about whether we can’t come up with a better metric to compare the efficiencies of heating systems using radically different methods of thermal transfer. As you can probably guess, there is a better way– but it’s not easy to figure out.

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Will California Get Out Of Its Own Way?

Zoning reform has become a flashpoint for political debate in the United States. While it intuitively seems like it would

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Pattern Zoning: What Is It? Is It Good?

The Michigan Municipal League thinks that a modern take on pattern zoning might actually help encourage better infill and planned development.

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Those People: NIMBYism in America’s 17th-Wealthiest County

If you, like me, are a part-time transplant resident of the District of Columbia– and are a policy nerd, no

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Greenways, The Ultimate High-Density Corridor Development Tool?

Nat compares the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis to the Joe Louis Greenway in Detroit, which broke ground this past week.

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Durable, Illiquid, Efficient, and Thoroughly Unsexy: Building Envelopes vs. Climate Change

Building envelope retrofits aren’t very flashy. But they’re a crucial way to address the climate crisis.

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