Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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The Real Cost Of A COVID Test? It Depends.

In a city whose government has aggressively and continually underfunded public transit, human services, and infrastructure, it can sometimes prove

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“It Is What It Is”: With Omicron Rampant, Will Trump Country Notice?

The novel coronavirus hit cities hard at the beginning of the pandemic. But in 2021, it is disproportionately killing rural Americans– closely along party lines. Will the rapid spread of the novel omicron variant make this trend even worse?

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Womxn House Envisions Future for Artists, Gender on Detroit’s West Side

Erin Gold gives a talk on her stained glass installation work at a new artist residency and gallery space at Womxn House, a home on the west side of Detroit.

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Public Health

Is COVID C-OV-er? In the US, maybe. There’s a Big “But.”

The COVID vaccine rollout in the US is, at long last, coming together. COVID vaccine rates in other countries are struggling as a product of inadequate supply and inadequate infrastructure. Addressing this is vital as a matter of global economic stability, if not basic humanitarianism.

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Save The Office: Costs And Spatial Well-Being in the Work-From-Home Economy

Working from home has its benefits, but not everyone wants to work from home. What degree of input should employers be soliciting from staff before deciding to permanently make the monumental work-from-home leap? What should we be thinking about as the economy retools to support work-from-home economy?

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Outdoor Dining? This Is A Building With Four Walls And A Roof!

Restauranteurs are finding it hard to figure out how to adapt to the winter months.

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Email Your 2020 Into A Literal Dumpster Fire

2020’s apt description as a dumpster fire has manifested itself in, well, a literal dumpster fire, which Nat will be manning for a few days.

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Facing A Crisis of COVID, Evictions, and Utility Shutoffs

COVID19 is exposing a particularly ugly nexus between energy insecurity and housing insecurity, referred to in a few separate presentations at a recent workgroup meeting of the Michigan Public Service Commission.

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