Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Urban Planning

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Midjourney Parameters: Style & Chaos In Speculative Urbanism

Imagining cities and their infrastructure using artificial intelligence, and playing around with some of the weirder parameters in Midjourney to see what we can squeeze out of the generative AI platform.

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To Sprawl, Or Not To Sprawl: LaSalle, Ontario Mulls Development Plan

If we can get past the fanciful belief that all growth is good growth, we can critically examine the likes of really bad municipal planning in our southern neighbor of Canada.

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MDOT: “An I-375 With Fewer Than Ten Lanes Would Take Away People’s Right To Get Around”

Our favorite road engineering agency is finally again talking about replacing the useless stretch of interstate that is I-375. Unfortunately, the plans just keep getting worse and worse.

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Sidebar: Can A Wireless Charging Roadway Work?

This piece looks at the question of whether an EV-charging roadway could actually work.

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Blueprint for Value: Why Companies Need City Planners on Their Payroll

Why more companies should be thinking about adding more diverse vocations to their talent base, and how this drives value creation.

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The Ilitch Crusade Continues: When Is Enough Enough?

The latest Ilitch demolition has us all scratching our heads and wondering when we will deserve a better city– for buildings, for historic preservation, and, of course, for Detroiters.

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City of Detroit: “You’re good– if your last name is Moroun or Ilitch.”

A months-long saga to try and clean up a lot being used for long-term storage of inoperable vehicles finally gets a response from a persnickety FOIA coordinator, who points out that, well, we don’t care about the problems here, because it’s not a residential neighborhood.

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What If Every Street Project Required Rightsizing And Traffic Calming?

Detroit’s Department of Public Works spends a lot of time repaving streets. It doesn’t spend much time thinking about what might make those streets safer.

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Michigan Growth Strategy: Gretchen Whitmer Needs To Step Up Her Politics, Not Her Leadership.

The governor wants to figure out a strategy to grow the state. It’s going to have to start with investing in things that matter to real people, rather than things that matter to quarterly earnings reports for automakers. But it’s not that gloomy. There’s plenty of opportunity to think about how to do this.

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