Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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Michigan Growth Strategy: Gretchen Whitmer Needs To Step Up Her Politics, Not Her Leadership.

The governor wants to figure out a strategy to grow the state. It’s going to have to start with investing in things that matter to real people, rather than things that matter to quarterly earnings reports for automakers. But it’s not that gloomy. There’s plenty of opportunity to think about how to do this.

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When Did The Police Become So, Uh, Anti-Law?

The latest insanity out of America’s Largest Strip Mall (a.k.a. Michigan) is the bold declaration of some police agencies in

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DeSantis, 1: Florida Law Enforcement: $200 Million In The Hole

Ron DeSantis’ ill-advised effort to purge the state of Chinese-made drone technology has had an unexpected effect on law enforcement and state agencies, who own hundreds of millions of dollars worth of technology that is now prohibited by state law.

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The GOP Has Declared Open War On Trans People.

The American Right says that as much as 0.13% of suspects in mass shootings in recent years have been trans. Is this a reason to declare a cultural crusade against a tiny minority population?

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Mike Duggan’s Legacy of Austerity, Corporate Power, and State Violence

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is inevitably coasting to an easy reëlection tomorrow. His legacy is a complex and a fraught one– that deserves a lot of critical scrutiny, in spite of the big moves that the city has made in the past decade.

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Truth Social, Trump’s New Platform, Is Owned By … The Chinese?

News broke yesterday that former president Donald J. Trump is starting a new social network. Beyond the quotidian ridicule, especially

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You’ve Heard Of Socially Responsible Investing. Now Get Ready For… Socially Irresponsible Investing?!

A new conservative investment fund seeks to invest in “socially conservative” products, identifying a market of interested, “un-woke” investors. The only problem? Well, turns out the most profitable companies are all actually pretty socially liberal.

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Regressive Politics Seem Bad For Economic Growth. Can We Prove It?

The Supreme Court’s recent announcement that it will hear a case about draconian abortion restrictions in Mississippi led me to

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Candidate Craig: Will The Paradoxes Play In The Provinces?

Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s abrupt announcement that he will be retiring to almost certainly run for governor– as a

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Taxpayers Spend Hundreds of Millions Per Year On Police Brutality Settlements. That Money Could Be Better Spent.

A new article from FiveThirtyEight looks at the staggering sums of money taxpayers are liable for in police brutality lawsuit settlement in 31 American cities. The data are unsurprisingly incomplete, and unsurprisingly appalling.

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