Monday, May 20, 2024

Gun Control

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Why The “Gun Registration Will Lead To Confiscation” Trope Is Ridiculous

Gun registration is a proposal that has gained little traction because of a widespread fear that it would result in guns being confiscated. There’s little evidence to suggest that such fears are warranted. But there’s also a good body of evidence suggesting that, well, the government probably knows who has guns already.

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Blood on the Louis Vuitton: Is Looting In Chicago A Referendum On The Zeitgeist?

As Chicago struggles with an epidemic of gun violence, one Gold Coast resident is worried that a looting spree last night on the Magnificent Mile will be used as a pretext for violent crackdowns on the Black Lives Matter movement. This is clearly unrelated to Black Lives Matter. But are not both the looting and the civil rights movement loud referenda on the current state of class relations in America?

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