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Nat M. Zorach, AICP is a city planner, community development professional, and MBA candidate at American University's Kogod School of Business, based in Detroit.

Lansing Field Trip: Michigan Public Service Commission

Today marked my quarterly pilgrimage to the great center of Mitten-power, that is, Lansing, Michigan. I go up every few months for the Energy Waste Reduction work group meeting. The EWR committee is convened by the Michigan Public Service Commission … Continue reading

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All Aboard, RTA 2020: The Business Case For Transit

I’m moving into the end of the year with an announcement about some exciting upcoming goings-on. RTA 2020: The Business Case For Transit will be a multifaceted initiative to study, analyze, and educate Southeast Michigan about the implications of a … Continue reading

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Challenging The Automotive Paradigm in Reagan Democrat Country

I found out the other night that there are people in Macomb County who actually refer to the Gratiot FAST bus as the “Heroin Express.” Yea, it were 3am, and I couldn’t sleep. So I delved into a Facebook rabbit … Continue reading

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Detroit Park City #3: Dog Walks In Morounville

The other day (awhile ago, sorry about the delay), I deviated from my morning routine and took the hound down by the river. I greeted a parishioner entering the prosperity theology church, outside which a Challenger and a Caravan with … Continue reading

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Making Detroit Great Again– Through More Surface Parking

Well, this is awful. Today, developer Emmett Moten began demolition of the Detroit Saturday Night Building. This will give him a handful of surface parking spaces, which, he says, he needs, because reasons. Moten has been trying to demolish the … Continue reading

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Canada Trip V – Struggles of Canadian Ascendancy

It’s easy to go from the decaying infrastructure of a city like Detroit to a cleaner, more prosperous city like Toronto. One is astonished by the functionality of the city. Storefronts are occupied! Buildings are being built! There are streetcars … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Singlehandedly Killed Global Crude Oil Markets– And Alberta’s Future, Apparently

Yesterday morning, whilst on a stroll ’round the snowy neighborhood with the hounds, I listened to Laura Lynch on The Current. Lynch succeeded award-winning host and Windsorite Anna Maria Tremonti earlier this year on the daily show, which covers global … Continue reading

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Mood: “It’s The Austerity, Stupid!” or, “Are We Ever Gonna Straight Up Call Out The Failings Of Neoliberal Economic Policy?”

Loneliness. Failures of civic engagement. A lacking sense of place. These are things that are often not discussed together. They’re certainly not typically at the forefront of conversations about free markets, though. So, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Ambassador Bridge!

The Ambassador Bridge, or, Moroun’s Folly, as I call her, is 90 years young today. We commemorate this iconic landmark– and textbook example of the treachery of monopoly- on the tail end of two other great lakes tragedies including the … Continue reading

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Wake Up And Smell The Dirty Air!

I’ve had a persistent respiratory something or other for a solid two and a half weeks now. I’m a healthy adult with no history of respiratory problems, and yet– this persistent, relatively unproductive cough. I can’t help but wonder if … Continue reading

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