Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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UAW: What We Stand To Gain, Vs. Lose, From The Threat Of A Strike.

Why do we always talk about strikes in terms of the bad it would do to the economy? What if instead we talked about the benefits and economic growth that would result from companies meeting labor demands?

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TED Countdown Detroit: Sustainability’s Problem With Elitism and Respectability Politics

Al Gore, McKinsey alums, and half of the Ivy League descends on Detroit this week to tell the peasants about sustainability and decarbonization. Just kidding, it’s a for-profit, invite-only event that costs $4,000– no peasants will be invited.

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Fake News, Faux Progress: The Last Time The Mainstream Media Fought Progress and Civil Rights

The media has been responsible for perpetuating a lot of regressive ideas by giving even passing mention of them, in a lot of cases. Even before the present day of Trump and Alternative Facts, in the 1950s and 1960s, there was plenty of complaining about the Civil Rights movement by mainstream news media.

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Shutting Down Trade With Our Largest Trade Partner To Own The Libs

Though mostly vaccinated, Canadian truckers have been protesting a new vaccine mandate that affects cross-border truckers. The protests, which have clogged the Canadian capital for weeks, have now come to Windsor, where they are blocking the entrance to the Ambassador Bridge. And for what?

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Book Review: Rise of the Warrior Cop, by Radley Balko

A new book looks at the militarization of police forces in the United States, how it costs taxpayers a staggering amount of money, threatens American democracy, and, above all else, doesn’t actually do much to reduce crime.

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In This Most Righteous Struggle: The St. Louis General Strike of 1877

Today, St. Louis commemorates 144 years since a violent labor struggle that saw widespread destruction and violence in the city and nearby areas, as part of the 1877 General Strike.

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“I Thought It Would Be Worse,” said a Detroit cop of a protest last year. “I Wanted More.”

CONTENT WARNING: The 22-minute video and the clips I’ve taken from it below include some disturbing and extremely graphic imagery,

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Candidate Craig: Will The Paradoxes Play In The Provinces?

Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s abrupt announcement that he will be retiring to almost certainly run for governor– as a

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NLG Files Lawsuit Against the Detroit Police

Attorney David A. Robinson and Detroit representatives of the National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG) held a press conference today in downtown

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Detroit City Council Votes To Sue Black Lives Matter Protesters

The 5-4 vote marks a growing strain between the Duggan Administration and advocates for social and economic justice in a majority black city.

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