Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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“It Is What It Is”: With Omicron Rampant, Will Trump Country Notice?

The novel coronavirus hit cities hard at the beginning of the pandemic. But in 2021, it is disproportionately killing rural Americans– closely along party lines. Will the rapid spread of the novel omicron variant make this trend even worse?

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Christmas 2021: Handbuilt’s Naughty Or Nice List

Every year, we at Handbuilt Heavy Industries, Incorporated, feel the need to wrap up with a Christmas-y list of everyone who

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Truth Social, Trump’s New Platform, Is Owned By … The Chinese?

News broke yesterday that former president Donald J. Trump is starting a new social network. Beyond the quotidian ridicule, especially

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Regressive Politics Seem Bad For Economic Growth. Can We Prove It?

The Supreme Court’s recent announcement that it will hear a case about draconian abortion restrictions in Mississippi led me to

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Michigan Population Numbers: How Long Before We Just Admit That This Strategy Isn’t Working?

The census numbers are in, and we’re unsurprised to learn that population growth is stagnant in parts of the great,

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Email Your 2020 Into A Literal Dumpster Fire

2020’s apt description as a dumpster fire has manifested itself in, well, a literal dumpster fire, which Nat will be manning for a few days.

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Oh, It’s A Coup All Right– They’re Just Really Bad At It.

US President Donald Trump, in refusing to concede the election, is essentially amounting to a coup. Given the limited amount of competency of the administration, it alone is perhaps not terribly concerning– unless, you know, we combine this with the chaos created by COVID, and the threat of state violence.

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Sidebar: Is Disinformation The Cornerstone of the American Right?

The Tea Party Super PAC that incited Trump voters to protest the ballot count is the same group that pushed crackpot theories about COVID19 this past summer.

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Michigan’s Election Plunges Headfirst Down A Weird Rabbit Hole

A crowd of pro-Trump protesters, partially incited by a Tea Party Super PAC, came down to the TCF Center in downtown Detroit to demand that the ballot count be stopped as the tally of mail-in ballots indicated that Joe Biden was pulling ahead by a larger margin.

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Tour of Ford’s Michigan Central Station Project

Michigan Central Station, the iconic, hulking, centenarian structure that has sat vacant for decades, is perhaps the flagship redevelopment project

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