Sunday, June 16, 2024



Ford Loves New Mobility So Much, Their Exec Keeps Bragging About Driving His Truck To Buy A Cup Of Coffee.

A Ford executive went to town on urbanism this week, bragging about the great fuel economy in his car that most people can’t afford, which he drove to a coffee shop that most people can’t afford, and mocking the authors of both academic research and urbanist discourse on the question of automotive safety. It’s a really bad look for a company that is struggling to differentiate itself.

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Why Regulating Methane, Not CO2, Is Key to Climate Policy

Carbon dioxide is often the bad guy in the climate change debate. But methane– mostly from anthropogenic sources- is a far more potent greenhouse gas. And, unlike carbon dioxide, methane emissions are virtually all a product of waste (rather than the product of combustion from, say, burning a gas like methane). Reduce waste = reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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