Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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Making Environmental and Climate Justice Visible: POCACITO Returns!

I am looking forward to again working with the inimitable Max Gruenig to help put together a conference at the

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To Sprawl, Or Not To Sprawl: LaSalle, Ontario Mulls Development Plan

If we can get past the fanciful belief that all growth is good growth, we can critically examine the likes of really bad municipal planning in our southern neighbor of Canada.

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Vape Recycling: Handbuilt Lobbies State Senators To Regulate eWaste

Michiganders throw out hundreds of thousands of vapes each year, if not more. This is an environmental disaster, but one we can mitigate with better eWaste recycling.

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TED Countdown Detroit: Sustainability’s Problem With Elitism and Respectability Politics

Al Gore, McKinsey alums, and half of the Ivy League descends on Detroit this week to tell the peasants about sustainability and decarbonization. Just kidding, it’s a for-profit, invite-only event that costs $4,000– no peasants will be invited.

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Detroit Hospitals: Wildfire Smoke Likely Exacerbating Respiratory Illness.

Everything you needed to know about the poor air quality in Southeast Michigan, including pollen vs. particulates and other clean air act pollutants.

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Hazy Air, Coughing? Don’t Worry. That’s Just The Latest Apocalypse!

Tuesday morning coffee thoughts. On our long drive back to M*ch*g*n from Pennsylvania/Delaware yesterday, I started reading snippets on the

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Wishes For A Greener Spring

The advent of warm weather! The return of street fairs! The sniffles from spring allergies! And ever so much more.

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Why Regulating Methane, Not CO2, Is Key to Climate Policy

Carbon dioxide is often the bad guy in the climate change debate. But methane– mostly from anthropogenic sources- is a far more potent greenhouse gas. And, unlike carbon dioxide, methane emissions are virtually all a product of waste (rather than the product of combustion from, say, burning a gas like methane). Reduce waste = reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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What IS An Ozone Action Day, Anyway?! I Thought We Fixed The Ozone!

Summer has arrived early in Michigan (woo hoo, climate change!) and we’ve already braved not one, but two– count ’em- ozone action days. A little bit more about what these are and why we should pay attention.

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