Tuesday, November 28, 2023


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POCACITO Transatlantic Forum on Climate and Environmental Justice

New friends, old friends, and comrades, generally, in this most righteous struggle for climate and environmental justice, met up last week at the POCACITO Transatlantic Forum in Washington, DC.

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Making Environmental and Climate Justice Visible: POCACITO Returns!

I am looking forward to again working with the inimitable Max Gruenig to help put together a conference at the

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Labor for a Just Transition

Kristin Caffray writes about how central the labor movement is to the question of a just transition to decarbonization, and how this must involve everyone ranging from urban factory workers to rural coal miners in what might become a valuable and rare point of bipartisanship.

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Green Stormwater Infrastructure Is A Win For Everyone

Gather round, children, for Handbuilt story hour. A few years ago at the Michigan Transportation Bonanza, an all-day forum in

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Michigan SB 271: Not-So-Lofty Goals Face Off Against Fossil Fuels

Michigan’s Senate is currently working on an energy bill that would require utilities to adopt a 100% renewable portfolio standard by 2035. It’s a good start, but there are a few holes that need to be plugged.

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Michigan Growth Strategy: Gretchen Whitmer Needs To Step Up Her Politics, Not Her Leadership.

The governor wants to figure out a strategy to grow the state. It’s going to have to start with investing in things that matter to real people, rather than things that matter to quarterly earnings reports for automakers. But it’s not that gloomy. There’s plenty of opportunity to think about how to do this.

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Hazy Air, Coughing? Don’t Worry. That’s Just The Latest Apocalypse!

Tuesday morning coffee thoughts. On our long drive back to M*ch*g*n from Pennsylvania/Delaware yesterday, I started reading snippets on the

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MI Healthy Climate Conference: Is It A New Day In Michigan?

I wrapped up a couple of days at the MI Healthy Climate conference. We talked about decarbonization, public health, and innovation. We even got to see some eBikes!

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Why Regulating Methane, Not CO2, Is Key to Climate Policy

Carbon dioxide is often the bad guy in the climate change debate. But methane– mostly from anthropogenic sources- is a far more potent greenhouse gas. And, unlike carbon dioxide, methane emissions are virtually all a product of waste (rather than the product of combustion from, say, burning a gas like methane). Reduce waste = reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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