Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Suburban Skylines: A California Tech Town’s Growth Struggles

Cupertino, California is fighting against twinned challenges of sky-high housing prices, and an unwillingness of some residents to work to change that.

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Book ReviewsCulture & Language

Book Review: How To Change Your Mind, by Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan’s latest book wasn’t quite as mindblowing as the psychedelic experiences he describes in it, but it’s definitely a great read, especially for folks with no background in this particular subject matter.

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ClimateEnvironmental JusticeEventsWashington, DC

POCACITO Transatlantic Forum on Climate and Environmental Justice

New friends, old friends, and comrades, generally, in this most righteous struggle for climate and environmental justice, met up last week at the POCACITO Transatlantic Forum in Washington, DC.

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Why Parking Minimums Are Bad.

We can build cities for people, or we can build them for cars. Eliminating parking minimums, which require that off-street parking spaces be included in every development project, is a great way to move us toward the former after decades of moving toward the latter.

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