Handbuilt is helping cities, businesses, artists, and educators tell stories about their spaces using a Matterport camera. In the age of COVID, we are being forced to redefine how we interact with each other in physical spaces. Virtual models allow us to bring the space to the customer when it’s hard to do it the other way around.

The Matterport, first released in 2016, combines an ingenious balance of hardware and software to create beautiful, immersive, 3D models of spaces using a combination of digital imaging and infrared rangefinding. The chonk of a camera, whose measurements are accurate down to tolerances of 1%, works using a paired iProduct and a tripod, and can be used to create professional construction drawings and floor plans. It is also VR-ready (a rabbit hole down which we have not yet plunged– maybe one day). Applications include:

  • Art galleries & museums
  • Hotels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Real estate listings & MLS
  • Construction projects (before-and-after)
  • Engineering & infrastructure
  • Energy audits
  • Marketing vacant buildings; economic development projects



Handbuilt is pleased to offer our Matterport services at a transparent fee schedule at competitive rates.

  • $150 per hour for on-site imaging (typically a one-hour minimum).
  • $65 per hour for video editing and other digital production work.
  • $0.0575/mi (2020 IRS rate) for round-trip mileage (may not apply for local trips).
  • Supplemental lighting (for artistic purposes or for use in vacant buildings) available at no extra charge
  • Volume discounts for bundled spaces/projects