Main Street Grinnell, Iowa: Peace Tree Brewing

My September road trip took me through Grinnell, Iowa, where I attended the eponymous college. The college is currently shut down, which has hit the town’s economy pretty hard. While there are major employers that are not the college, the college’s student base and the multitude of professors and guests it brings in provide a huge percentage of the town’s economic base. Peace Tree Brewing, founded in not-too-distant Knoxville, was not there when I attended the college. But the brew pub is a welcome addition to the Main Street, with warm decor and a delightful, rainbow palette of tap pulls. The beer is also a bit more diverse than I remembered it– as being a respectable, but small, selection of brews. I also recalled a colorful selection of labels and art, which have endured. Staff were thankfully patient with me running around with the Matterport for a little bit. 🙂