Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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Will California Get Out Of Its Own Way?

Zoning reform has become a flashpoint for political debate in the United States. While it intuitively seems like it would

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Getting Rid Of Your Car Could Make You Happier

A new research paper assesses the perceived happiness of households that have gotten rid of their car. Turns out that it might actually be good for your brain! There is a catch, though, and it’s not going to work for everyone.

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Ann Arbor Axes Parking Minimums. In Michigan, That’s Huge.

The city of Ann Arbor officially abolished parking minimums yesterday with the passage of an amendment to the city’s development

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Those People: NIMBYism in America’s 17th-Wealthiest County

If you, like me, are a part-time transplant resident of the District of Columbia– and are a policy nerd, no

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Greenways, The Ultimate High-Density Corridor Development Tool?

Nat compares the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis to the Joe Louis Greenway in Detroit, which broke ground this past week.

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Awake, East Warren! Dreaming Mixed-Use in Detroit’s Farthest-Flung Corridor

A new, mid-density development project on Detroit’s far east side is materializing, heralding a new dawn for a corridor that has struggled with autocentric, low density and disinvestment for decades.

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Detroit Fairgrounds Site: Alternatives to Permanent, Monumentally Bad Decisions

The State Fairgrounds site is centrally located, and it’s huge. Too huge to make some monumentally bad decisions about permanently turning it into a Shelby Township-style strip mall.

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Tour of Ford’s Michigan Central Station Project

Michigan Central Station, the iconic, hulking, centenarian structure that has sat vacant for decades, is perhaps the flagship redevelopment project

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Urban Planning

Alleys: The Back Road To Sustainable Development

Alleys, an oft-forgotten component of the urban fabric, have transformative potential for infrastructure and real estate.

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