Please consider supporting Handbuilt on Patreon— or Liberapay, a newer payment platform that does not charge crazy fees. While I used to produce this blog as an extracurricular activity while I was doing consulting work full time, I am now in grad school and am trying to keep producing the same quality of original content.

Donations will support the continued production of original content including design, independent journalism, analysis, and research. Some upcoming capex for the 2019-2020 “fiscal year” includes:

  • Designing a new website that doesn’t look like it was made in 2001
  • Advocacy and research surrounding Michigan’s regional transit saga
  • Publishing and producing some more design-oriented materials
  • Producing more original content for the Detroit Park City series
  • Hiring a part-time intern to work on the DPC project
  • Finishing my design standards guide
  • Continuing to represent Detroit and the Rust Belt in statewide and national workgroups on energy, sustainability, and community development
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