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Donations will support the continued production of original content including design, independent journalism, analysis, and research. Some upcoming plans for 2020 include:

  • Designing a new website that doesn’t look like it was made in 2001 (IN PROGRESS)
  • Advocacy and research surrounding Michigan’s regional transit saga in conjunction with Detroit-based Transportation Riders United
  • Producing more original content for the Detroit Park City series and hiring a part-time intern to work on the DPC project
  • Publishing Handbuilt’s design standards guide
  • Continuing to represent Detroit and the Rust Belt in statewide and national workgroups on energy, sustainability, and community development, and among national networks of leaders and professionals like Net Impact and StartingBloc

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Thanks to our four tiers of donors, who represent thirteen different US states and Canadian provinces:

Complete Streets In Walkable Neighborhoods With Grade Separated Public Transit And Protected Bike Lane Level Donors: Justin Brown (San Francisco, CA), Juanita Garcia (BIM For Better, Chicago, IL), David Hilbert, Zoe Hoster, MBA (Seattle, WA), Sean McAde (Virtuoso Design+Build, Detroit, MI), Raju Rayavarapu (Silver Spring, MD), and Omar Reyes (Detroit, MI)

Protected Bike Lane Level Donors: Adrianne Kolano, CPhT (Detroit, MI), John Good (Detroit, MI)

Walkable Neighborhood Level Donors: Isabella Downes (Chicago, IL), Rebecca Zorach (Chicago, IL)

Sharrow Level Donors: Martha Cavazos (Detroit, MI), Ryan Michael Dinkgrave (Detroit, MI), Hillary Hamp, MBA (Charlotte, NC), Kate Peterson Koch (Calgary, AB, Canada), Greg Mangan (Detroit, MI), Meredith Ann Marsh, LEED AP BD+C, PHIUS CPHC® (Pittsburgh, PA), Mike Pachulski (McKeesport, PA). Jane Patton (New Orleans, LA), Dhruti Patel (Chicago, IL), Dean Porter-Nelson (Minneapolis, MN), Suzie Hill (Worcester, MA), Tim Swaddling (Windsor, Ontario), Adam Tauno Williams (Grand Rapids, MI), Alex Zorach (Newark, DE), and Cecile Zorach (Lancaster, PA)

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