Wednesday, October 4, 2023

black lives matter

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Shutting Down Trade With Our Largest Trade Partner To Own The Libs

Though mostly vaccinated, Canadian truckers have been protesting a new vaccine mandate that affects cross-border truckers. The protests, which have clogged the Canadian capital for weeks, have now come to Windsor, where they are blocking the entrance to the Ambassador Bridge. And for what?

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Book Review: Rise of the Warrior Cop, by Radley Balko

A new book looks at the militarization of police forces in the United States, how it costs taxpayers a staggering amount of money, threatens American democracy, and, above all else, doesn’t actually do much to reduce crime.

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Mike Duggan’s Legacy of Austerity, Corporate Power, and State Violence

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is inevitably coasting to an easy reĆ«lection tomorrow. His legacy is a complex and a fraught one– that deserves a lot of critical scrutiny, in spite of the big moves that the city has made in the past decade.

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“I Thought It Would Be Worse,” said a Detroit cop of a protest last year. “I Wanted More.”

CONTENT WARNING: The 22-minute video and the clips I’ve taken from it below include some disturbing and extremely graphic imagery,

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Candidate Craig: Will The Paradoxes Play In The Provinces?

Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s abrupt announcement that he will be retiring to almost certainly run for governor– as a

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Police Reform: Imagining New Roles For A Safer, More Functional Society

We expect police to respond to, well, everything. And they’re not suited for it. Rethinking policing in the United States will require us to figure out alternatives for who is responding to what issue.

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Lethal Projectiles: Car Culture, Gun Violence, and Police Shootings

Matthew Lewis points out that departments of transportation and police departments are two of the least democratic institutions in American society right now– and are two of the biggest threats to public health.

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NLG Files Lawsuit Against the Detroit Police

Attorney David A. Robinson and Detroit representatives of the National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG) held a press conference today in downtown

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Taxpayers Spend Hundreds of Millions Per Year On Police Brutality Settlements. That Money Could Be Better Spent.

A new article from FiveThirtyEight looks at the staggering sums of money taxpayers are liable for in police brutality lawsuit settlement in 31 American cities. The data are unsurprisingly incomplete, and unsurprisingly appalling.

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Detroit City Council Votes To Sue Black Lives Matter Protesters

The 5-4 vote marks a growing strain between the Duggan Administration and advocates for social and economic justice in a majority black city.

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