Friday, September 22, 2023

Midjourney AI

Midjourney is an AI-based image generation software that can be used to make everything ranging from professional stock images to elaborate and bizarre digital art. The Handbuilt City has used it for a number of editorial illustrations, and it continues to be a fun tool to play around with.

Articles I’ve written on Midjourney specifically:

July 18th, 2023: Is Creating Images In Midjourney “Stealing”?

July 3rd, 2023: Unpacking AI Training Biases in Midjourney

May 23rd, 2023: Dreaming In Isometric: Variations on Midjourney Prompts, a.k.a. Tokamak Variations

May 23rd, 2023: Midjourney: The Imagination of the Sane, the Insane, and the Unseen

April 27th, 2023: I asked Midjourney To Imagine The Ideal City. It Was… Weird.

March 10th, 2023: Midjourney AI: Escaping Down The Rabbit Hole


Midjourney Content

As writing about urbanism in Michigan is enough to drive one absolutely insane, I have been spending some more time messing around in Midjourney to create series of various images. 

Midcentury corporate interiors. July 2023.

Agricultural futurism. June 2023.

Industrial futurism. June 2023.

A dog-friendly Ayahuasca retreat in South America. June 2023.

Tokamak Reactor Variations. May 2023.

The Sane, the Insane, and the Unseen: Midjourney Struggling To Render Basic Electrical Equipment. May 2023.


Other AI content

In July 2023, I wrote this article on a lawsuit against OpenAI, which raises important legal and ethical questions about AI training.


Other Content Highlights

Midjourney has a number of use cases in exploring ideas for architectural and urban design, which I’ll eventually include links to here.

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