The Envelope Factory

Three Matterport files of a former envelope factory on Detroit’s west side.

The northeastern quadrant of the building has roughly 16′ ceilings. The company used it for bulk storage and, according to dude, parking. The middle area includes a loading dock, and this interstitial room was also used for storage of inks, dyes, and machinery. Cinder block (CMU) construction with steel and steel truss roof decking. Concrete slab floor.

The western “main floor” of the building includes most of the production space as well as a two-story office space in the southwestern (southern) corner of the site. Cinder block, solid masonry veneer, steel frame, concrete slab construction. There is also a basement underneath this space. Some wood framing.

The southeastern (eastern) quadrant of the building includes storage space accessible through a large garage door on the south side of the building (Linsdale St). At the eastern end of the space is a handful of office rooms, washrooms, locker room(s), and storage rooms, accessible from the extreme eastern portion of this space as well as from the interior area of the space through one door. There is a lofted area for storage over this office and washroom space. Construction is a combination of cinder block and steel on a concrete slab floor with steel beams. Some wood framing in the office space.