Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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Oakland County Approves Universal SMART Millage For Fall Ballot

It’s official: Oakland County will have an opportunity to vote on transit investment in the fall! Such was the determination

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Infrastructure: Think Outside The Smartphone-Driven Profit Motive

One of Michigan’s most visible mobility spokespeople recently said in a webinar that smartphone ownership and profitable markets were the two hindrances to developing sustainable mobility solutions in the state. It’s a politically horrific, functionally dubious, but baffling thing to say.

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Sidebar: GM Says They’re Serious About Electrification? Prove It.

GM talks about its commitment to electrification, and then displays a spread of exclusively gas-powered cars at the Belle Isle Grand Prix.

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EV Charging Networks: Drive Infrastructure, Not Just Cars

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with some folks from A Major Automaker, one of the Big Two-And-A-Half,

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Michigan Population Numbers: How Long Before We Just Admit That This Strategy Isn’t Working?

The census numbers are in, and we’re unsurprised to learn that population growth is stagnant in parts of the great,

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Tech Launched A Big Push To Fix Cities. What Happened?

Sidewalk Labs (Google), AirBnB, and Y Combinator all launched ambitious initiatives to build the technologically advanced, equitable, sustainable cities of tomorrow. What happened?

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Book Review – Ghost Road: Beyond the Driverless Car

Can autonomous cars save us? Well, no, but they can provide some vital innovation to our society. Provided we play our cards right, that is. Anthony Townsend’s book gives us the lowdown.

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Driven: The Race To Create the Autonomous Car, by Alex Davies

Weekend Read. This book, Driven: The Race To Create the Autonomous Car, is worth reading for anyone who is interested

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Gretchen Whitmer: When We Say “Mobility,” We Really Mean “Cars”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Council on Future Mobility is not about mobility, it’s about cars. That’s got to change if we’re serious about decarbonizing transportation– or building an equitable future of any kind.

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