Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Public transit

Public transit

Consolidating Inefficient Private Transit Systems

Large employers like hospitals, universities, and big corporations often contract with private transit operators to ferry their employees around, usually between parking lots and office buildings or other facilities. Would there be a resulting economy of scale if these services were consolidated into, say, the transit operations of a public agency?

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Recharging the Aquifer Underneath Detroit’s Transit Desert

Martha Connell looks at some hard questions about the future of Detroit’s transit.

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“You’re Entitled For Suggesting People Take Public Transportation Instead Of Stranding Themselves On I-95” – Midatlantic Liberals

A rare, intense blizzard in the Midatlantic US snarled traffic on I-95, leading us to wonder: how is the car obsession even so engrained on the East Coast that people can’t imagine not driving cars?

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MDOT: Rebrand And Replace. Some Ideas From The MAP Conference.

Nat is attending the Michigan Association of Planning’s annual conference. It’s going great– especially with regard to figuring out new ways to refashion state agencies that aren’t doing their jobs.

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Best Nerds Podcast No. 2: Innovation and Equity in Transportation

Our second podcast is finally out. I take responsibility for the delay. There were some technical issues I ran into,

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Should We Give Up on The QLINE?

As life has changed dramatically for many over the past year, the workers of Detroit have continued to rely upon

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New EGLE Workgroup Wants To Decarbonize Transportation… With Cars

A new statewide workgroup convened by the Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes, and Environment, or EGLE, kicked off yesterday

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BUILD GREEN Act Charges Forward With Electric Transit. Is It The Right Move?

Public utilities are apprehensive about vehicle electrification because it’ll require a huge amount of investment in grid infrastructure. A new legislative proposal to electrify transit systems might make this a bit easier by delivering a big economy of scale.

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Why Do Airports Not Want Us To Have Nice Things?

Detroit’s airport has historically had some problems with accessibility, especially to transit. This is a problem, because of the airport’s reliance on parking revenues. But there are some options!

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