Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Midjourney Parameters: Style & Chaos In Speculative Urbanism

Imagining cities and their infrastructure using artificial intelligence, and playing around with some of the weirder parameters in Midjourney to see what we can squeeze out of the generative AI platform.

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AutomotiveLaborMovements & Organizing

UAW: What We Stand To Gain, Vs. Lose, From The Threat Of A Strike.

Why do we always talk about strikes in terms of the bad it would do to the economy? What if instead we talked about the benefits and economic growth that would result from companies meeting labor demands?

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Business & EconomicsMovements & OrganizingSustainability

TED Countdown Detroit: Sustainability’s Problem With Elitism and Respectability Politics

Al Gore, McKinsey alums, and half of the Ivy League descends on Detroit this week to tell the peasants about sustainability and decarbonization. Just kidding, it’s a for-profit, invite-only event that costs $4,000– no peasants will be invited.

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Art & DesignArtificial Intelligence

Unpacking AI Training Biases in Midjourney

Artificial intelligence can produce imagery of whatever you ask it for. The question is: How accurate is the AI’s interpretation? In some cases, it sounds like it’s based more on the prejudices and stereotypes held by the people who design and train the model. That’s a big problem.

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Exploring Little Rock: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Arkansas

We travel to Little Rock to explore the city’s architecture, history, and, of course, the food scene.

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