Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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TED Countdown Detroit: Sustainability’s Problem With Elitism and Respectability Politics

Al Gore, McKinsey alums, and half of the Ivy League descends on Detroit this week to tell the peasants about sustainability and decarbonization. Just kidding, it’s a for-profit, invite-only event that costs $4,000– no peasants will be invited.

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Move Over, Trucks: It’s Time For Smaller Delivery Solutions

Delivery drones, we are told, will change everything. There are some hurdles, but according to recent research, drones might just be the best bet for most– but not all- local delivery.

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Book Review: Women Driven Mobility by Katelyn Davis and Kristin Shaw

Nat looks at a new book by Katelyn Davis and Kristin Shaw about women in the mobility and transportation space, and asks whether a politics of benevolent incrementalism is going to help us solve the climate crisis.

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MDOT: “Making VMT Reduction A Mobility Goal Is Punitive, Combative, And Might Hurt People’s Feelings”

Representatives of Michigan’s Department of Transportation have, at two recent public meetings, firmly pushed back on the proposal that the agency must tie a reduction in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to funding considerations for new projects– using a dubious rationale.

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Is It Time For A National Trash Presort Policy?

Is municipal solid waste a question of infrastructure? Probably. Is trash presort an option to make it work better? Also probably.

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Port Angeles CRTC: Giving New Flight to Aircraft Scrap

In Port Angeles, Washington, Vishva Nalamalapu hangs out at the Composite Recycling Technology Center, or CRTC, with Michigan transplant Nicole Wright, to learn about all of the cool stuff they are manufacturing from aerospace industry scrap.

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