Tuesday, November 28, 2023


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Why Parking Minimums Are Bad.

We can build cities for people, or we can build them for cars. Eliminating parking minimums, which require that off-street parking spaces be included in every development project, is a great way to move us toward the former after decades of moving toward the latter.

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GM Vision Zero: Joe Biden and Mary Barra, Fiddling While The World Burns

As British Columbia excavates houses, roads, and, tragically, bodies, from the aftermath of catastrophic flooding, the President was in Detroit yesterday to tout the virtues of a 9,000-lb. electric car that, liberals apparently believe, will solve climate change.

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MDOT: “Making VMT Reduction A Mobility Goal Is Punitive, Combative, And Might Hurt People’s Feelings”

Representatives of Michigan’s Department of Transportation have, at two recent public meetings, firmly pushed back on the proposal that the agency must tie a reduction in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to funding considerations for new projects– using a dubious rationale.

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MSP: Seat Belt Use Drops To Lowest in 17 Years

The Michigan State Police released data from a study today that showed that fatalities are on the rise, while seatbelt usage is on the decline. We look at how this plays out across a few jurisdictions.

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Webinar: Tech To Reduce Guesswork for Safer Streets

Traffic technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent decades. While the ultimate solutions to ending traffic violence must come with better street designs and a reduced reliance on single-occupant automobiles, there are some interesting developments in technology that are allowing better modeling to understand driver behavior, intersection safety, and more. We learned about it from a webinar co-hosted by Canadian tech company Miovision.

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Los Angeles: Beyond The Supreme Reign of the Motorcar

The culture of mobility in Los Angeles is still stuck in the single-passenger automotive mindset. But the infrastructure begs to differ.

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State Lawmaker Asks, “Why Can’t People Just Take Uber Instead?” Let’s Explain Why.

There are a few names that often get thrown around in Southeast Michigan when one discusses the fight for infrastructure.

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Canada Trip III – Leaving Montreal

We leave Montreal today for Toronto, where we will begin the “extension” portion of our Canada program. Our Montreal trip

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Whomst Should Bear The Cost? Mobility and the Workplace

I figured I could kick off Detroit Mobility Week with some exploration of a debate currently simmering in my office

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