Tuesday, November 28, 2023

new york city

CyclingPublic Safety

Drivers: Please Don’t Honk At Cyclists. Ever.

Car horns are dangerously loud, and dangerously loud sounds are not only deleterious to health, they’re also scary for cyclists– who are already occupying a precarious position on the streets of American cities.

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LawPoliticsPublic Safety

Taxpayers Spend Hundreds of Millions Per Year On Police Brutality Settlements. That Money Could Be Better Spent.

A new article from FiveThirtyEight looks at the staggering sums of money taxpayers are liable for in police brutality lawsuit settlement in 31 American cities. The data are unsurprisingly incomplete, and unsurprisingly appalling.

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BurgerbanismBusiness & EconomicsPublic HealthUrban Planning

Outdoor Dining? This Is A Building With Four Walls And A Roof!

Restauranteurs are finding it hard to figure out how to adapt to the winter months.

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