Tuesday, November 28, 2023



Ford F-150 Lightning Review: The F-150, But Electric. That’s About It.

The F-150 Electric is a heavier, faster version of the F-150 Acoustic. Will this sell with the F-150 loyalists because of this? Or, will it alienate car buyers who are looking for something different in an EV?

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Infrastructure: Think Outside The Smartphone-Driven Profit Motive

One of Michigan’s most visible mobility spokespeople recently said in a webinar that smartphone ownership and profitable markets were the two hindrances to developing sustainable mobility solutions in the state. It’s a politically horrific, functionally dubious, but baffling thing to say.

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Book Review: Women Driven Mobility by Katelyn Davis and Kristin Shaw

Nat looks at a new book by Katelyn Davis and Kristin Shaw about women in the mobility and transportation space, and asks whether a politics of benevolent incrementalism is going to help us solve the climate crisis.

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Everyone And Their Mom Is Making An Electric Car. Few Will Prevail.

Sony makes great headphones and great gaming consoles. Will they be able to make a great EV? Will everyone wading into the increasingly muddy waters of the “blue” ocean of electric vehicles be able to compete? Probably not.

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GM Vision Zero: Joe Biden and Mary Barra, Fiddling While The World Burns

As British Columbia excavates houses, roads, and, tragically, bodies, from the aftermath of catastrophic flooding, the President was in Detroit yesterday to tout the virtues of a 9,000-lb. electric car that, liberals apparently believe, will solve climate change.

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But Weight, There’s More: The Achilles Heel of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are generally far more efficient than gas-powered ones, as a matter of thermodynamics. But a new article looks at one huge problem with electric cars, and one that is often entirely disregarded in policy, regulation, and consumer economics, and that’s the factor of how much they weigh.

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In Search Of Cheap, Scalable Solutions For Grid Resiliency

The extreme weather event affecting about two thirds of the United States right now suggests the need for small-scale interventions that can be scaled over an entire market.

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Short Circuits: What’s Going On With GameStop Stock

GameStop stock blew up. Should you care? No, not really. But you shouldn’t buy it.

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Autonomous Vehicles And The City Of To-Morrow

Autonomous vehicles are coming. Some time. Until they do, the state has a fancy fake city in which our robot chauffeur overlords can, ahem, practice.

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