Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Energy Burden: The Elephant in the Electrification Room

Dr. Destenie Nock and Shuchen Cong presented from Carnegie Mellon University on a new approach they are taking to assess energy burden in communities around the United States. It is important analysis that will help inform how public service commissions develop better energy efficiency policy for utilities, and how utilities assess the needs of their most vulnerable customers.

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Why Regulating Methane, Not CO2, Is Key to Climate Policy

Carbon dioxide is often the bad guy in the climate change debate. But methane– mostly from anthropogenic sources- is a far more potent greenhouse gas. And, unlike carbon dioxide, methane emissions are virtually all a product of waste (rather than the product of combustion from, say, burning a gas like methane). Reduce waste = reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Energy Burden: How To Measure? How To Reduce?

Measuring energy burden is relatively straightforward. Figuring out how to create robust metrics for it, though– and how to address it- is much more challenging.

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MDHHS and LIHEAP: We’ll Pay For Fossil Fuels. Weatherization, Not So Much.

At an MPSC workgroup meeting this morning on Energy Waste Reduction specifically for the low to moderate income (LMI) market

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Better Utility Regulation: How We Can Get Out Of This Mess

Too much regulation restricts innovation. But too little regulation does the same, and this is what we see in the crumbling infrastructure of Michigan, where regulators are asleep at the wheel in the name of a “business-friendly regulatory” environment that, as it turns out, is neither terribly regulatory nor terribly business-friendly.

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Time-Of-Use Pricing Is Coming. Here’s How To Make Sure You’re Ready.

Time-of-use pricing is (most likely) coming to a utility near you, if it hasn’t arrived already. Here’s what you need to know.

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“Electrification Is Not Enough For Decarbonization” – Consumers Energy

A new workgroup seeks to address some questions about the future of infrastructure in a state that continues to lag in regulatory and technical innovation.

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100 Corporations Produce 71% of Carbon Emissions. But Who Buys Their Products?


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Detroit’s Green Task Force Looks Toward Benchmarking, PACE, Energy Codes

The Energy Waste Reduction Committee of the Detroit Green Task Force met yesterday morning to talk shop for the last

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Glazed Over: Donald Trump’s Tiny Windows Conspiracy

US President Donald Trump’s claims that Democrats want to make the windows smaller in everyone’s houses were, while baseless, not the craziest thing he’s ever said. Glazing, energy, and you!

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