Tuesday, November 28, 2023



California Added Five States To Its Travel Ban. Does This Make Sense? Or Is It All Just Posturing?

We revisited our previous analysis trying to correlate red state regressivism with corporate investment, but this time looking at California’s newly-amended ban on state-funded travel to a number of deep red states.

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Business & EconomicsConsumer Products

AliExpress: The New Amazon? Or, Close, But No Cigar?

An exhaustive review of AliExpress, the Chinese Amazon and the “foreign office” of global giant AliBaba.

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Adaptation & ResilienceBusiness & EconomicsPublic Health

Toward An Equitable Stimulus Package

The current stimulus package being debated in Congress is likely to be the first of a few. In this article, we consider some precedents for transformative legislation– and some models for other bailouts and stimulus packages- as a blueprint for what we should be focusing on in developing any stimulus policy.

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Epilogue from the Climate Leadership Conference: We Cannot Stop Asking The Tough Questions

The Climate Leadership Conference did a great job of bringing powerful stakeholders together. What it didn’t do such a great job of was asking tough questions of those stakeholders. But there is always opportunity to continue the dialogue.

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