Saturday, December 9, 2023


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Pattern Zoning: What Is It? Is It Good?

The Michigan Municipal League thinks that a modern take on pattern zoning might actually help encourage better infill and planned development.

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Those People: NIMBYism in America’s 17th-Wealthiest County

If you, like me, are a part-time transplant resident of the District of Columbia– and are a policy nerd, no

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Awake, East Warren! Dreaming Mixed-Use in Detroit’s Farthest-Flung Corridor

A new, mid-density development project on Detroit’s far east side is materializing, heralding a new dawn for a corridor that has struggled with autocentric, low density and disinvestment for decades.

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Netflix’s ‘Tread’ Is A Good Indictment Of Municipal Bureaucracy

Marvin John Heemeyer bulldozed a few buildings before shooting himself dead after a years-long dispute with a municipal government. While an extreme example, it’s a credible indictment of city governments that embrace inflexible paths to things like code compliance.

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The ADU as Community Development Tool?

While managing the Detroit Land Bank housing development programs at Southwest, I’ve come across a number of scenarios in which a

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