Wednesday, October 4, 2023

macomb county

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When Did The Police Become So, Uh, Anti-Law?

The latest insanity out of America’s Largest Strip Mall (a.k.a. Michigan) is the bold declaration of some police agencies in

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Public Health

“It Is What It Is”: With Omicron Rampant, Will Trump Country Notice?

The novel coronavirus hit cities hard at the beginning of the pandemic. But in 2021, it is disproportionately killing rural Americans– closely along party lines. Will the rapid spread of the novel omicron variant make this trend even worse?

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DetroitMichiganPublic transitTransit infrastructure

What If We Can’t Wait? Public-Private Partnership Solutions for Infrastructure

The RTA is planning on returning in 2022– again- to revisit a ballot measure to fund regional infrastructure investment in Southeast Michigan. Can we wait for 2022? Should we explore alternatives in the meantime?

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Business & EconomicsPublic transitTransit infrastructureUrban Planning

All Aboard, RTA 2020: The Business Case For Transit

I’m moving into the end of the year with an announcement about some exciting upcoming goings-on. RTA 2020: The Business

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Business & EconomicsPublic transitUrban Planning

Challenging The Automotive Paradigm in Reagan Democrat Country

I found out the other night that there are people in Macomb County who actually refer to the Gratiot FAST

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