Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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Diesel Exhaust, Potholes, and A Vision of Better Commercial Corridors in Southwest Detroit

Greg Mangan, real estate advocate for the Southwest Detroit Business Association, picks me up at the northwest corner of West

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The Morouns Tore Down A Warehouse For More Truck Parking. Really. [EDITED]

Walking from home to Corktown last night in search of food and drink with some out-of-town visitors who were eager

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Study: Detroit CBO Is Not Quite There Yet

An academic paper looks at the Detroit Community Benefits Ordinance, or CBO. Conclusions? It’s had mixed success. We can get beyond this if we stop thinking about public policy in the simplistic terms of “pro” or “anti” development.

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Taxpayers Spend Hundreds of Millions Per Year On Police Brutality Settlements. That Money Could Be Better Spent.

A new article from FiveThirtyEight looks at the staggering sums of money taxpayers are liable for in police brutality lawsuit settlement in 31 American cities. The data are unsurprisingly incomplete, and unsurprisingly appalling.

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Why Is Detroit Giving Industrial Slumlords Like Moroun A Free Pass?

The owners of the Ambassador Bridge, their trucking empire, and a plethora of shell corporations own many acres of prime real estate close to Detroit’s downtown. Why have they avoided regulatory scrutiny?

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Email Your 2020 Into A Literal Dumpster Fire

2020’s apt description as a dumpster fire has manifested itself in, well, a literal dumpster fire, which Nat will be manning for a few days.

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Tour of Ford’s Michigan Central Station Project

Michigan Central Station, the iconic, hulking, centenarian structure that has sat vacant for decades, is perhaps the flagship redevelopment project

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Business & Economics

Detroit Policy Conference Touts Collaboration, Cultivating Local Talent, Transit Connectivity

Months before the Davos of the Great Lakes, a.k.a. the Mackinac Policy Conference, draws visitors to the historic island off

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