Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Hubbard Farms Gets Serious About Density

Far from the haunted basements of my own portfolio with SDBA, Southwest Detroit is rocking a few new real estate development projects these days, including one that local residents should know about.

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Greenways, The Ultimate High-Density Corridor Development Tool?

Nat compares the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis to the Joe Louis Greenway in Detroit, which broke ground this past week.

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Study: Detroit CBO Is Not Quite There Yet

An academic paper looks at the Detroit Community Benefits Ordinance, or CBO. Conclusions? It’s had mixed success. We can get beyond this if we stop thinking about public policy in the simplistic terms of “pro” or “anti” development.

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Save The Office: Costs And Spatial Well-Being in the Work-From-Home Economy

Working from home has its benefits, but not everyone wants to work from home. What degree of input should employers be soliciting from staff before deciding to permanently make the monumental work-from-home leap? What should we be thinking about as the economy retools to support work-from-home economy?

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Awake, East Warren! Dreaming Mixed-Use in Detroit’s Farthest-Flung Corridor

A new, mid-density development project on Detroit’s far east side is materializing, heralding a new dawn for a corridor that has struggled with autocentric, low density and disinvestment for decades.

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