Tuesday, November 28, 2023


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Planning Conference Day 2: Downtown Traverse, Renewable Energy

The second day of the annual conference of the Michigan Association of Planning involved a great tour, a lot of learning, and some serious head-scratching about how little attention is being paid to topics of decarbonization and climate change.

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Community Solar: Coming To A Michigan Near You?

DTE and CMS took the unusual step of tag-teaming a new announcement about community solar, a novel model for photovoltaic power generation development, in the Mitten state, where fossil fuels continue to dominate the generation mix.

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Solar Power and EV’s, If Your Local Grid Is Up For The Challenge

Power grids are complex things. Understanding the local grid capacity– as visualized by one mapping tool- can help us plan for things like rooftop solar or electric vehicle adoption.

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EV Charging Networks: Drive Infrastructure, Not Just Cars

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with some folks from A Major Automaker, one of the Big Two-And-A-Half,

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“Electrification Is Not Enough For Decarbonization” – Consumers Energy

A new workgroup seeks to address some questions about the future of infrastructure in a state that continues to lag in regulatory and technical innovation.

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Epilogue from the Climate Leadership Conference: We Cannot Stop Asking The Tough Questions

The Climate Leadership Conference did a great job of bringing powerful stakeholders together. What it didn’t do such a great job of was asking tough questions of those stakeholders. But there is always opportunity to continue the dialogue.

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The Red-Blooded, Gas-Fired Future of Midwestern Energy

I attended a forum on DTE’s Integrated Resource Plan Tuesday. The state’s public service commission, an entity that seems to

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Ontario Hydro vs. Michigan Coal: A Cross-Border Perspective on Energy Policy

Michigan’s neighboring state, also known as the Canadian province of Ontario, has been struggling for months with untenable increases in

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