Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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UAW: What We Stand To Gain, Vs. Lose, From The Threat Of A Strike.

Why do we always talk about strikes in terms of the bad it would do to the economy? What if instead we talked about the benefits and economic growth that would result from companies meeting labor demands?

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Libert-e-bikes: Marketing Mobility As Freedom

Michael Robertson, who founded a peer platform of the ill-fated Napster in 1997, once referred to cars as “liberty machines.” It’s a dominant belief among many car owners. Are eBike companies challenging that assumption in their marketing material?

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Mispricing the Chevrolet Bolt, And Other Strange Corporate Decisions

The Chevrolet Bolt originally sold poorly. It’s now selling well, but at an average of a 30% discount off its full MSRP. Maybe that suggests it wasn’t priced right to begin with.

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