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Canada Trip V – Struggles of Canadian Ascendancy

It’s easy to go from the decaying infrastructure of a city like Detroit to a cleaner, more prosperous city like Toronto. One is astonished by the functionality of the city. Storefronts are occupied! Buildings are being built! There are streetcars … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Singlehandedly Killed Global Crude Oil Markets– And Alberta’s Future, Apparently

Yesterday morning, whilst on a stroll ’round the snowy neighborhood with the hounds, I listened to Laura Lynch on The Current. Lynch succeeded award-winning host and Windsorite Anna Maria Tremonti earlier this year on the daily show, which covers global … Continue reading

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Canada Trip III – Leaving Montreal

We leave Montreal today for Toronto, where we will begin the “extension” portion of our Canada program. Our Montreal trip took us to Publicis, a French-Canadian marketing, design, and communications agency that does work in Montreal and internationally; Voxco, a … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day!

This Canada Day, I drove all the way from Detroit to celebrate in a foreign country (a.k.a. “across the river”)– to buy gas in a province where that gas is subjected to a carbon tax. This is admittedly mostly so … Continue reading

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Chromatics of Commonwealths And Then Some

Fair warning, folks– this post is borne largely of jetlagged travel musings. I was recently struck by the idea of contrasting color schemes from city to city after traveling from the US to Canada to Ireland to the UK and … Continue reading

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