Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Urban Planning

Oakland County Approves Universal SMART Millage For Fall Ballot

It’s official: Oakland County will have an opportunity to vote on transit investment in the fall! Such was the determination

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Dreams of Better Transit Signage. How Legible Is Your City?

Transit advocacy should necessarily focus on making sure transit systems can be easily accessed. In many cases, that begins with signs to show people where to go.

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What If We Can’t Wait? Public-Private Partnership Solutions for Infrastructure

The RTA is planning on returning in 2022– again- to revisit a ballot measure to fund regional infrastructure investment in Southeast Michigan. Can we wait for 2022? Should we explore alternatives in the meantime?

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YouLam No. 2 – February 2020

Happy February. It is Black History Month! It’s also Leap Year, which means we have the opportunity to enjoy 3.6%

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Gilbert’s Bedrock Is Beginning To Think Outside The Automobile

I attended an event last night hosted by Transportation Riders United in One Woodward. The second floor conference room has

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