Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Why Parking Minimums Are Bad.

We can build cities for people, or we can build them for cars. Eliminating parking minimums, which require that off-street parking spaces be included in every development project, is a great way to move us toward the former after decades of moving toward the latter.

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Hubbard Farms Gets Serious About Density

Far from the haunted basements of my own portfolio with SDBA, Southwest Detroit is rocking a few new real estate development projects these days, including one that local residents should know about.

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Better Cities Film Festival and YIMBY in Detroit

YIMBY enthusiasts from Columbus, North Carolina, California, Flint, and beyond converged on Detroit yesterday evening to see a new film featuring M. Nolan Gray, Research Director of California YIMBY.

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Pattern Zoning: What Is It? Is It Good?

The Michigan Municipal League thinks that a modern take on pattern zoning might actually help encourage better infill and planned development.

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Greenways, The Ultimate High-Density Corridor Development Tool?

Nat compares the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis to the Joe Louis Greenway in Detroit, which broke ground this past week.

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Awake, East Warren! Dreaming Mixed-Use in Detroit’s Farthest-Flung Corridor

A new, mid-density development project on Detroit’s far east side is materializing, heralding a new dawn for a corridor that has struggled with autocentric, low density and disinvestment for decades.

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Detroit Park City #3: Dog Walks In Morounville

The other day (awhile ago, sorry about the delay), I deviated from my morning routine and took the hound down

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