Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Drivers: Please Don’t Honk At Cyclists. Ever.

Car horns are dangerously loud, and dangerously loud sounds are not only deleterious to health, they’re also scary for cyclists– who are already occupying a precarious position on the streets of American cities.

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What If Every Street Project Required Rightsizing And Traffic Calming?

Detroit’s Department of Public Works spends a lot of time repaving streets. It doesn’t spend much time thinking about what might make those streets safer.

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It’s Time To Talk About Speed. No, Not The Adderall Shortage.

A society with 40,000 deaths each year from traffic violence can’t claim to be virtuous, progressive, or innovative– at least, not when we have plenty of proven solutions to reduce the rates of traffic fatalities.

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“We’ve Got A Delegation, Bro”: Exemptions to DC Law, If You’ve Got The Money

Car culture sucks. Even in the nation’s capital, where the city doesn’t seem able to prevent cars from parking all over sidewalks, at bus stops, and its drivers from telling you that they’re allowed to, because.

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Morning Coffee, Detroit Traffic: The Post-COVID Craze Is About To Be Wild

Yesterday, Detroit was a whole traffic jam, as an increasingly vaccinated cross-section of, well, everyone, emerged from the cocoons of Michigan winter and lockdowns.

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Webinar: Tech To Reduce Guesswork for Safer Streets

Traffic technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent decades. While the ultimate solutions to ending traffic violence must come with better street designs and a reduced reliance on single-occupant automobiles, there are some interesting developments in technology that are allowing better modeling to understand driver behavior, intersection safety, and more. We learned about it from a webinar co-hosted by Canadian tech company Miovision.

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Police Reform: Imagining New Roles For A Safer, More Functional Society

We expect police to respond to, well, everything. And they’re not suited for it. Rethinking policing in the United States will require us to figure out alternatives for who is responding to what issue.

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Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America

Angie Schmitt’s Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America (2020) is a must-read

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