Sunday, December 3, 2023



Labor for a Just Transition

Kristin Caffray writes about how central the labor movement is to the question of a just transition to decarbonization, and how this must involve everyone ranging from urban factory workers to rural coal miners in what might become a valuable and rare point of bipartisanship.

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Community Solar: Coming To A Michigan Near You?

DTE and CMS took the unusual step of tag-teaming a new announcement about community solar, a novel model for photovoltaic power generation development, in the Mitten state, where fossil fuels continue to dominate the generation mix.

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MDHHS and LIHEAP: We’ll Pay For Fossil Fuels. Weatherization, Not So Much.

At an MPSC workgroup meeting this morning on Energy Waste Reduction specifically for the low to moderate income (LMI) market

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Better Utility Regulation: How We Can Get Out Of This Mess

Too much regulation restricts innovation. But too little regulation does the same, and this is what we see in the crumbling infrastructure of Michigan, where regulators are asleep at the wheel in the name of a “business-friendly regulatory” environment that, as it turns out, is neither terribly regulatory nor terribly business-friendly.

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Bye, Coal-icia! Consumers Energy Advances Decarbonization Goals

Jackson, Michigan-based Consumers Energy (NYSE: CMS) made a groundbreaking announcement in a press conference this morning that it is ditching

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This Doesn’t Happen In A Normal Climate– Or Power Grid

An unusual winter storm in the Lone Star State is prompting the grid operator to orchestrate voluntary blackouts– asking people to shut off power voluntarily. Climate change, power reliability, and the state of infrastructure in the United States in 2021.

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POCACITO Explores Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Germany

Nat gets a chance to chat with Chloe Maryam Mohr, a Senior Planner with Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, who joined the latest POCACITO cohort for a study tour of Germany’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in sustainability and energy.

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The Red-Blooded, Gas-Fired Future of Midwestern Energy

I attended a forum on DTE’s Integrated Resource Plan Tuesday. The state’s public service commission, an entity that seems to

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Ontario Hydro vs. Michigan Coal: A Cross-Border Perspective on Energy Policy

Michigan’s neighboring state, also known as the Canadian province of Ontario, has been struggling for months with untenable increases in

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