Sunday, October 1, 2023

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City of Detroit: Just Kidding, We Do Have A Secret MOU With The Ilitches and Morouns.

The City of Detroit responded to a long-outstanding FOIA request and conceded that, yes, they do have a secret memorandum of understanding with a couple of the city’s most delinquent landowners. It’s not surprising. It’s just obnoxious that they told me the exact opposite before.

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The Ilitch Crusade Continues: When Is Enough Enough?

The latest Ilitch demolition has us all scratching our heads and wondering when we will deserve a better city– for buildings, for historic preservation, and, of course, for Detroiters.

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Burgerbanism: Mike Ransom’s Supercrisp Brings Super-Umami to Detroit Fast Food

Living in Southwest Detroit, we are big fans of Ima (今, Japanese for “now”), the brainchild of Detroit chef Mike

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The New Mobility Requires A New Workforce

This morning I attended “Driving Our AV Future,” an event produced by the Michigan Mobility Institute (MMI) and the Partnership for

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