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2019 in review: books

Wrapping up this year, I figured I’d make a list of all of the books I read in both fiction and nonfiction. I try to periodically take a break from reading about things like parking lots to read books about, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from the Handbuilt City!

Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, cozy holiday. It is honestly unclear to me how Santa Claus is able to make it down the chimney when so many traditional fireplaces and draft vented combustion appliances have been replaced with … Continue reading

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Burgerbanism: The Twelve Dishes Of Detroit Christmas

At the risk of seeming like all I do is think about parking lots and protected bike lanes (which, admittedly, is a large portion of what I think about), I wanted to deviate from this in the spirit of the … Continue reading

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State Lawmaker Asks, “Why Can’t People Just Take Uber Instead?” Let’s Explain Why.

There are a few names that often get thrown around in Southeast Michigan when one discusses the fight for infrastructure. The late Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, for example, was a staunch opponent of transit expansion. Many longtime observers … Continue reading

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Bridging The Transit Gulf: APTA Conference in Tampa

I just wrapped up a few days in Tampa for APTA’s Transit Initiatives workshop. The mini-conference, produced by the DC-based nonprofit, is focused on helping transit agencies, municipal staff, planners, and other professionals working in the mobility space, figure out … Continue reading

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Ford: Can’t Fund LRT, Can’t Close Budget Deficits

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has had mixed results riding the Donald Trump pseudo-populist wave that has been sweeping the globe. The Progressive Conservative, elected in 2018 in a crushing defeat of the ruling Liberal Party, has frequently trafficked in hyperbole … Continue reading

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Detroit Park City No. 5 – Crossing The Post Office Desert of West Fort Street

One of the interesting things about Detroit’s built environment is the hub-and-spoke street layout. There are multiple, conflicting street grids, some working off true north and some following the curvature of the river. This is a product of a city … Continue reading

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A Literal Train Wreck Makes A Case For Resilient Infrastructure

A train derailment yesterday morning in Southwest Detroit knocked down a power line, leaving about a thousand residential and commercial DTE Energy customers without electricity and internet for about eight hours. It is unclear what caused the derailment of the … Continue reading

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Detroit Park City No. 4 – Corktown and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Low Density

As Detroit’s hottest neighborhood, at least according to Buzzfeed, Corktown has to live up to a high standard. It’s got food! And bike lanes! It’s got an abandoned train station! And it’s also got the lowest density of any “happening” … Continue reading

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Noel Night 2019

It was my fourth Noel Night, an annual happening in Midtown Detroit. In spite of a heavy police presence– probably a reference to last year’s teenaged shootout– and a phased, curfew-esque schedule that bifurcated the evening into South-of-Warren (evening) events … Continue reading

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