Saturday, December 9, 2023


Urban Planning

The Oakland County GOP Is Courting Literal Nazis To Fight Infrastructure Funding

For reasons that don’t seem to make any sense but were probably completely predictable, a nonprofit advocacy group in the northern suburbs of Detroit has enlisted a prominent Nazi sympathizer to fight against the real scourge of America: modern transportation infrastructure!

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MobilityPublic SafetyUrban Planning

“Bike Lanes Are Against My Morals,” Says Ohio Woman

The economics of parking are simple. Convincing community members, though? Sometimes not so much.

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Biden Infrastructure Plan: What All Is Included?

We must remind critics of the Biden infrastructure plan what all is included in the term “infrastructure.” It’s a little bit more than just cars.

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MichiganTransit infrastructure

It’s Not Infrastructure If It’s Just Roads

I spoke with Brian Calley on proposals to fix the damn roads– and to understand whether Republicans might consider transit a good complement.

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