Wednesday, October 4, 2023

particulate emissions


Hazy Air, Coughing? Don’t Worry. That’s Just The Latest Apocalypse!

Tuesday morning coffee thoughts. On our long drive back to M*ch*g*n from Pennsylvania/Delaware yesterday, I started reading snippets on the

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What IS An Ozone Action Day, Anyway?! I Thought We Fixed The Ozone!

Summer has arrived early in Michigan (woo hoo, climate change!) and we’ve already braved not one, but two– count ’em- ozone action days. A little bit more about what these are and why we should pay attention.

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Detroit, The World’s Racetrack: My First Time At The Belle Isle Grand Prix

At the Grand Prix, presented by [Car Company] on Belle Isle, we enjoyed pulled pork nachos, sunshine, and a haze of particulate emissions.

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