Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Hydrogen: The Water-Stuff Of To-day, Yesterday, and To-Morrow

Hydrogen has an interesting and complex past– as a fuel source, as a major component of other fuel sources, and as a primary constituent of the universe in general- and a potentially ever more interesting future. But there are some sticking points.

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Community Solar: Coming To A Michigan Near You?

DTE and CMS took the unusual step of tag-teaming a new announcement about community solar, a novel model for photovoltaic power generation development, in the Mitten state, where fossil fuels continue to dominate the generation mix.

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MDHHS and LIHEAP: We’ll Pay For Fossil Fuels. Weatherization, Not So Much.

At an MPSC workgroup meeting this morning on Energy Waste Reduction specifically for the low to moderate income (LMI) market

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Let The Sun Shine In, Alberta: Beyond Oil in a Biden Administration

The election of Joe Biden, whose opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline has riled Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, provides us with some opportunities to think about the future of the province’s economy, which has long been dependent upon oil extraction.

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