Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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When Did The Police Become So, Uh, Anti-Law?

The latest insanity out of America’s Largest Strip Mall (a.k.a. Michigan) is the bold declaration of some police agencies in

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Public Safety

Idle Thoughts And Prayers: Why I’m Not Attending The CHARGE Energy Branding Conference in Texas

Nat has, for better or worse, cancelled his trip to an energy conference in the Lone Star State.

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Why The “Gun Registration Will Lead To Confiscation” Trope Is Ridiculous

Gun registration is a proposal that has gained little traction because of a widespread fear that it would result in guns being confiscated. There’s little evidence to suggest that such fears are warranted. But there’s also a good body of evidence suggesting that, well, the government probably knows who has guns already.

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