Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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What, Me Block A Bike Lane? Trouble at Ford’s Ziggurat of Mobility

The Blue Oval scores another kind of big, fat, blue oval, rotated 90┬░, for its commitment to walkability and bikeability in the new Michigan Central Station project.

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“I Thought It Would Be Worse,” said a Detroit cop of a protest last year. “I Wanted More.”

CONTENT WARNING: The 22-minute video and the clips I’ve taken from it below include some disturbing and extremely graphic imagery,

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PolicyPublic Safety

Police Reform: Imagining New Roles For A Safer, More Functional Society

We expect police to respond to, well, everything. And they’re not suited for it. Rethinking policing in the United States will require us to figure out alternatives for who is responding to what issue.

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NLG Files Lawsuit Against the Detroit Police

Attorney David A. Robinson and Detroit representatives of the National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG) held a press conference today in downtown

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Detroit City Council Votes To Sue Black Lives Matter Protesters

The 5-4 vote marks a growing strain between the Duggan Administration and advocates for social and economic justice in a majority black city.

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No Tear Gas at Sixth Night of Protests in Detroit; Journalists Again Assaulted

While last night’s protest ended relatively peacefully, with no tear gas or rubber bullets, assaults of journalists continued in a troubling trend.

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